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Bidets and Washlet Installation

What’s the difference between a bidet and a washlet seat?

The Difference:

Bidets have been a staple in European bathrooms for decades and are slowly becoming more popular (and affordable) in the United States. Typically, a bidet is a separate piece of furniture from a toilet. Although it looks like a toilet, it has a faucet on the back and sits next to your real toilet. After using the toilet, you move to the bidet for cleansing. A washlet is a high-tech toilet seat with a water hook-up and spray nozzle in the back. Since it is basically a replacement for a regular toilet seat, there is no extra cleaning and it does not take up any extra space in the bathroom.  

How it Works:

A washlet seat works very similarly to a bidet but it has a few major differences. Instead of having a faucet in the back, it has a nozzle that sprays cleansing water from behind. When you sit on the washlet, you can choose a front wash or rear wash. When you’re ready, you will push a button for instantly warm water to cleanse you. Many washlets have multiple settings for water pressure and movement to get you clean where you need it. 

The Benefits:

Most Americans are averse to the idea of washlets and bidets because of their unfamiliarity. There are many reasons to jump on the washlet bandwagon. Here are just a few:

  1. Cleanliness – Immediately after using a washlet or bidet you feel cleaner. Similarly to cleaning your countertop with a wet towel vs a dry towel; the wet towel will always pick up more debris than the dry one.
  2. Hygiene –  Rather than using toilet paper and spreading germs and bacteria, your hands are still clean after using the bidet. Most infectious diseases are spread by human contact, so the hands-free functionality of a bidet makes it a much more hygienic alternative.
  3. Better for pipes – On average, Americans use 50 pounds of toilet paper each year. After time, toilet paper can clog pipes and wreak havoc on septic systems and city sewers. With a bidet, you can drastically reduce your toilet paper usage.
  4. Assists elderly users – With a washlet, an elderly person won’t have to bend and twist in order to clean themselves. The washlet will do the cleanup and they’ll just need to pat the area dry. It’s also hygienic and gentle on delicate skin.
  5. Environmental impact – So, you’re thinking this sounds great, but what about all that wasted water? The footprint of a washlet or bidet is much smaller than you may think — for each use, the bidet only uses 1/8 of a gallon of water. Compare that to the water used to make toilet paper (37 gallons per roll) and trees cut down each year (15 million) and the bidet is a much more sustainable option.

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